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Enter the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System. A completely new way to make cold brew faster and easier than ever before. Whether you’re making ready-to-drink cold brew, our system makes it seamless. It’s like coffee magic. The Dash Rapid Cold Brew System is 288x faster than other products in the market, which use conventional brewing methods. You can also make cold brew concentrate that lasts for up to 10 days, effectively making a week’s worth of coffee in 5-15 minutes.


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We believe that taking small steps every day to live a healthier life can have a big impact. And that the best path to wellness is eating whole, natural foods.  At Dash, we make products that make it easier for you to prepare and eat real food at home so that you can feel your best.  In the store, in your kitchen and online — We give you the tools and the support to make delicious healthy meals.

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Cold brew OR Iced coffee?

Cold brew vs. iced coffee – what’s the big deal? The lowdown is simple. Iced coffee is just coffee brewed hot, then cooled and poured over ice. Because brewing hot coffee can release bitter or acidic oils, iced coffee often has an undesirable flavor. Cold brew is the better-looking, more talented
cousin of iced coffee.